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Changzhou Beiqi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. It is a manufacturer of mechanical equipment technology research and development, professional production, processing and sales of injection molding machines and peripheral auxiliary equipment.

Company main: injection molding machine: 50-600t

Mixer: 50-500kg, suitable for granule, plastic granule, color powder, flour, iron powder, chemical powder, cement, bean powder, coffee, salt, milk tea powder, seasoning, feed .

Large vertical mixer (can add drying function): 500kg-20t, suitable for mixing, homogenizing, storage and drying of plastic particles

Crusher: low noise and powerful crusher, large diameter crusher, shredder, injection molding machine, side grinder, feeding machine: Vacuum particle suction machine, dust-free cleaning suction machine, vacuum powder suction machine, screw feeder, etc

Dryer: hot air dryer, dehumidification dryer

Mold temperature machine (thermostat): water mold temperature machine, oil mold temperature machine, support non-standard customization 30-350 ℃

Industrial chiller: water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller, control range: 5-35 ℃

Cooling tower: 10-200t, suitable for cooling water and various equipment.

Vibrating screen: linear, round, rotary vibrating screen, suitable for screening of granular powder liquid

Manipulator: suitable for 50-600 ton injection molding machine

Color master machine: single color, double color, three color, four color weighing and measuring

Our company strict quality control, to "integrity and dedication, sincere for the user" as the purpose, constantly carry out technical innovation, according to customer needs and constantly develop new products, we adhere to the plan and action management, with facts and data to speak for the purpose of strict quality control, is your ideal partner. Looking forward to the near future, together with you to create a better tomorrow!

Our products are sold all over the country and exported to Vietnam, South Korea, Russia, France, Canada, Brazil, Libya, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Melbourne and other countries and regions, which have been recognized and affirmed by the majority of customers at home and abroad, and achieved a good reputation in the industry with its strong economic strength.